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Loving LITOTES? From our passion for storytelling comes a collection of aromas designed to transport you wherever the pages of our favorite books lead. These luxurious candles are crafted to best the industry's finest French candle makers, but how? Glad you asked. We're an open book!

High-Quality Wax

We source only the finest paraffin wax to produce an aromatic reach (i.e., hot and cold throw) unlike any other. This is where luxury begins, in the wax. Ours melts like butter and burns with aromatic intensity.

Fine Essential Oils and Mixtures

This is the most challenging part. We approach each recipe literature-first, meaning we first imagine the setting that inspired the fragrance. No detail is overlooked. We then work with a select group of suppliers to find the perfect high-quality oil to match our vision. This involves much trial and error until we get it perfectly right.

Our Luxury Candles Are Bigger Than Theirs

It's simple. Our candles are much larger and more affordable than those of other luxury candle makers. We achieve this with the help of our beautifully unique vessels — designed to be reused for years to come! It also doesn't hurt that our candles are hand poured in Chicago, and not Paris.
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