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We design each LITOTES luxury candle to draw you into the story that inspired its creation. We do this by approaching our fragrances as a passionate reader approaches a book:

Top Notes: Remember your first introduction to the book you now love? On our show, we call these "First Thoughts," and they're similar to the aroma you experience first when opening a candle. We select for top notes oils and solutions that recall our favorite mellow florals.

Middle Notes: This is the heart of your book, the moment of no return, the page that stops you from putting the book down until you've finished the story. Middle notes are the most prominent aromas. For these, we like to invoke feelings of deep satisfaction with optimistic florals and fruits.

Base Notes: You've finished the last page, closed the book, and are smiling to yourself as you recall each character and phrase. Within our candles, these are the fragrances that linger after you've extinguished the flame. Perfect here are our warm musk, embracing vanilla, and deep wood aromas. 
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